Names Arjuna in the Gita -2

  • स्वच्छस्वभावः or of clean nature — Neelakantha and Dhanapati on 2.2
  • शुद्धधर्मवत्त्वाच्छुद्धः or pure because of pure nature — Dhanapati on 4.5
  • निष्कलङ्कः or free from all blemishes — Dhanapati on 6.32
  • शुद्धः or pure — Madhusudana 6.32; 6.46
  • स्वधर्माचरणेन शुद्धचित्तः or whose mind is pure by following svadharma — Dhanapati 6.46
  • सुकृतकर्मणा स्वच्छतामापन्नः or the one who has attained cleanliness by his good deeds — Dhanapati 7.16
  • स्वतःप्रसिद्धमहापौरुषः or whose pure heroism is self-evident — Madhusudana 8.16
  • यस्य स्वाभाविकी वंशप्रयुक्ता च शुद्धिः or for whom purity is a natural gift — Anandagiri on 8.16
  • फलाभिसंधिरहितत्वात् शुद्धः or the one who is pure because of desirelessness — Dhanapati on 11.47
  • अदोषः or free from all coverings, errors, faults etc. — Dhanapati on 11.54
  • विशुद्धान्तःकरणः or one whose inner faculties like mind and heart etc. are pure — Dhanapati on 18.34



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Sampadananda Mishra

Sampadananda Mishra

Author, speaker and researcher on subjects related to Sanskrit, Indian Culture, Spirituality, Yoga and Education. SahityaAkademi and President of India Awardee.